Size Medium coats fit dogs with these measurements:

14 to 16 inch body length
18 to 20 inch girth
11 to 13 inch neck

The Ordering page tells you how to measure your dog.

The coats have hook and loop closures at the neck and the belly.
The coats are reversible.
The coats are made from polyester fleece, unless we tell you otherwise.


1. Write down the item numbers of the coats you want to order.

2. Click the Add To Cart button below.

3. When you're ready to check out, under your shipping address/method, click Add to add special instructions to the seller.

4. In the special instructions box, type in the item numbers of the coats you want and click Save. Then click the Pay Now button and your order will soon be in the mail to you.   

Item C1109M(orange)

Item C1109M(blue)

Item C1107M

Item C1120M

Item C1117M.  Flannel bird print lined with cotton duck. 

Item C1113M

Item C1112M

Item C1105M

Item C1104M

Item C1102M

Item C1100M

Item C1099M

Item C1097M

Item C1095M

Item C1094M

Item C1089M

Item C1088M

Item C1087M

Item C1083M

Item C1082M

Item C1078M

Item C1077M

Item C1076M

Item C1075M

Item C1074M

Item C1073M

Item C1071M(yellow)

Item C1071M(pink)

Item C1069M.  Fleece lined with quilter's flannel.

Item C1067M

Item C1066M

Item C1064M

Item C1062M

Item C1060M

Item C1059M

Item C1058M

Item C1054M

Item C1053M

Item C1052M

Item C1047M

Item C1046M

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